5 Best Motorcycling Routes In India

Bike riders and motorcyclists are always in the search for new and adventurous motorcycling destinations. A country as big as India has a lot of exciting spots. Let’s look at 5 of the best motorcycling routes in India.

1. Ladakh and Kashmir:

ladakh motorbike tours

Northern India, particularly around Ladakh is one of the most popular destinations. The route is a combination of high mountains and serene climate which gives a feeling of being at the top of the world.  The most ideal time to visit is from April to August.

2. NH 17:

nh17 motorcycle ride

NH 17 or National Highway 17 runs along the western coast of India, parallel to the western ghats. This is undoubtedly the best coastal ride in India and is very similar to the 101 highway in the States. Ideal time for a bike ride would be October to February.

3. Sikkim and Darjeeling:

sikkim darjeeling bike riding

Enjoy the true beauty of Eastern Himalayas on this route. It runs along the Himalayan Railway, which was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1999. You can visit this route for a motorcycle ride all round the year.

4. Eastern Coast of Tamil Nadu:

tamil nadu east coast motorcycling route

Another popular coastal ride is the eastern coast of Tamil Nadu. Also called as State Highway 49, it is a two way highway along the coast of Bay of Bengal. It is a very scenic ride alongside beautiful beaches. Best time for a ride would be December and January.

5. Thar – The Great Indian Desert:

thar desert motorcycle tour

Thar, the 9th largest subtropical desert in the world, is situated within the state of Rajasthan. It acts as a natural boundary between in India and Pakistan. Riding through a desert would not be the most amusing thing for most you, but as the area is very sparsely populated, you don’t need to press your brakes here. The most ideal time to visit would be December to February.


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