5 Futuristic Car Features

Cars, for a long time, have solely been used to travel from source to destination. However, advancements in technology has now allowed us to fulfill more demands in the way we travel i.e. better safety, entertainment, functionalities and more. And so, we look at 5 features that will be available for cars in the near future.

1. Augmented Reality Display

With an Augmented Reality display on the car’s windscreen, we would be able to see a lot of information like speed, navigation details, incoming calls etc. without moving our eyes off the road.

augmented reality in cars


2. Easy Cruising

Easy Cruising also known as Adaptive Cruise Control uses radar to assist you in keeping a safe distance from the car in front of you while you are driving. Currently, very few high-end cars have this feature and it is expected that all the cars will have this specialty in near future.


3. Car-to-Car Communication

Car-to-Car Communication simply means that a car can communicate with another, to avoid accidents and mishaps. It will also help in smoother traffic and less congested road. Currently, Ford is testing this technology which utilizes Wi-Fi for communication.

car communication futuristic feature


4. Perfect Smartphone Integration

Integrating your smartphone with your car would mean controlling your device right from the dashboard of the vehicle. That would basically allow you to dial or receive calls safely, access music, send and receive messages easily by just using voice commands.


5. Night Vision

Night Vision systems works by detecting infrared light or amplifying available light to help you see your route during night in the absence of any lights on the road. Right now, this is a very pricey option, but it is expected to available for all the cars for a reasonable price soon.


Pictures: Hongkiat.com

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