5 Foods You Should Have Before Drinking To Avoid a Hangover

The morning after a night-long party may leave you with a bad hangover – making you look dehydrated and cranky. If you want to avoid this, here are 5 foods you should have before you are set for drinking:

food to have before consuming alcoholPicture Source


1. Cucumbers:

Cucumbers, if you aren’t aware, are made up of 95% water. Thus, munching a few slices before you consume alcohol will not only help you hydrate, but also flush out toxins from your body. It also contains small amounts of sugar and Vitamin B which could help you lessen the intensity of headache the next day


2. Chicken Breast:

Drinking alcohol leads to a drop in blood sugar level. Protein-rich food like Chicken Breasts, when combined with low glycemic-carb food, can help steady blood sugar level.


3. Water:

As we know, alcohol dehydrates your body a lot and what to is the best to hydrate? Yes, drinking water. Ideally, you should be continuously drinking water while you are boozing.


4. Sweet Potatoes:

Having a low glycemic-carb meal, such as sweet potatoes, before you go out ill keep your blood sugar stable and give you lasting energy.


5. Ice Cream:

Unless you are lactose intolerant, a little ice cream helps line your stomach and neutralize all the acid you’ll be intaking later. Besides ice cream, other dairy products like cheese, butter, curd may also help.


If you are all set, here are 5 single malts which you must definitely try.


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