Delhi HC Bans the Sale of OnePlus Smartphones in India

After the ban of Chinese phone company, Xiaomi, Delhi HC has now forced to suspend the sale of OnePlus in India. The smartphone company has confirmed that it will no longer import, market or sell their flagship device, One, in India.

oneplus one banned in india

(Image Source: Flickr)

Micromax, the domestic brand, has raised a complaint with the high court pointing the violation of their country-specific agreement with Cynogen by OnePlus. Micromax has agreed that their YU brand of devices will feature the mentioned operating system. According to them, OnePlus has infringed their exclusive rights with Cynogen.

OnePlus learnt about the deal between Cynogen and Micromax only a week before their phones were released in India and it is believed that the company is working on its own ROM to replace Cynogen as soon as possible.

According to some reports, OnePlus will only be allowed to sell its existing stock in India and thereafter it can only sell compliant devices.

The Delhi HC has stated that OnePlus may sue Cynogen in California where an agreement between the two companies was signed.

India is definitely an emerging market for smartphones, with more and more companies targeting it. With ban on Xiaomi and OnePlus, Indian users are finding it difficult to get their hands on trending phones.


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How to Rainproof Your Gadgets

The Monsoon is just around the corner, and if you are a gadget freak, here are some tips which can help you take care of your gizmos during this rainy season.

1. Cellphones: The best way to take care of your cellphone is to use airtight phone cases and covers. Another home-made method is using airtight freezer bags.

2. Laptops and Tablets: There are waterproof bags and cases available for laptops and tablets. You can protect them more by using USB plugs to block water for entering the devices.

3. Cameras: For small digital cameras, you can go for waterproof cases, but for expensive SLR and DSLR cameras, you can cover them using clear plastic sheets and wraps while shooting.

4. Digital Music Players: If you prefer listening to music on a small music player rather than your phone, we suggest that you buy a rain jacket which has enclosures in their inner pockets.

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